Write about group discussion strategies

Model exemplary discussion behavior. Some teachers use this strategy to have students teach one piece of content to their fellow students, making it less of a discussion strategy and more of a peer teaching format. Socratic Circles Basic Structure: While there are many variations in how case studies can be used, these six steps provide a general framework for how to lead a case-based discussion: However, you would be surprised how much discussion can be accomplished even in large classes link to lament and sub-optimal physical settings.

Group reports also enable me to do my job better. Also, think about whether the discussion environment in your classroom is sufficiently inclusive of all your students, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion, religion, etc.


Clearly, the configuration of the room itself can limit your options, as can class size. To watch each strategy in action, click on its name and a new window will open with a video that demonstrates it.

Demonstrate Relevance While students generally enjoy discussions, they may have difficulty recognizing what they gain from participating in them — in contrast with lectures, in which students may take copious notes and have a sense of having covered clearly discernable ground.

Obviously, the traditional classroom arrangement, with the instructor positioned before rows of student chairs does not serve this objective.

Asking questions or offering ideas to advance the discussion. Students are placed into a few groups of students each and are given a discussion question to talk about. Thus, it is a good idea to make the task of the group very concrete and clear e.

Handling strong emotions and disagreement that arise in a discussion can be a challenge for instructors.

13 Strategies to Improve Student Classroom Discussions (Plus Anchor Charts)

As the discussion unfolds, ask questions that call for students to examine their own assumptions, substantiate their claims, provide illustrations, etc. If you are teaching a class of in an auditorium with bolted-down seats and poor acoustics, the traditional circular discussion arrangement is untenable.

What kinds of contributions were and were not helpful?

Four Simple Steps to Small-Group Guided Writing

At this point, you might ask students to take out their journals and identify a question or comment that stands out to them. If students are beginners, the teacher may write the discussion questions, or the question creation can be a joint effort.

Once each member of a group has an assigned role e. Create a discussion climate early. Students on the outside observe, take notes, or perform some other discussion-related task assigned by the teacher. Model exemplary discussion behavior.

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

One of the ways we learn from in-class discussions is from seeing things from perspective different from our own. A constant question that leaders — and members — of any group have is what to do about racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, especially in a homogeneous group where most or all of the members except the leader may agree with them.

A statement that has two possible responses—agree or disagree—is read out loud. Provide food and drink The ultimate comfort, and one that breaks down barriers among people, is that of eating and drinking. For this reason, many instructors include a participation grade as part of the reward structure of their courses.

How can the groups function more effectively? One instructor, for example, defines high-quality participation as: Explicit ground rules or guidelines can help to ensure a respectful environment for discussion. I list some strategies for success in group work that you may want to implement.

It looked a lot like those chat rooms from back in the day, basically a blank screen where people would contribute a few lines of text, the lines stacking up one after the other, no other bells or whistles. After all, strong writing skills are highly valued by employers.

Then the teacher signals students to rotate: Often, students must learn how to enter meaningfully into a discussion.

The ground rules you use will depend on your class size and goals, but may include provisions such as these: Tips on university teaching, but much of the information is useful in other circumstances as well.The first few moments in focus group discussion are critical.

In a brief time the moderator must create a thoughtful, permissive atmosphere, provide ground rules, and discussions and we can't write fast enough to get them all down.

We will be on a first Strategies for Focus Group Questions • Choose among alternatives • Make a list. Cooperative Learning Strategies for Group Work and Group Discussion Circle the Sage – With students in groups, the teacher first polls the class to see which students have a special knowledge of the topic being covered.

For example, the teacher may ask who in the class was able. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. October 15, Jennifer Gonzalez Students prepare by reading a text or group of texts and writing some higher-order discussion questions about the text.

On seminar day, students sit in a circle and an introductory, open-ended question is posed by the teacher or student discussion leader. Small-group discussions, writing assignments, and online discussions can be effective methods for encouraging participation by students who are uncomfortable speaking in large groups and for enabling students to learn from one another.

To begin the activity, write a debatable statement on the board, Strategies for Facilitating Small-Group Discussions. Integrate the results of group work into the closing discussion or lecture, and refer back to these ideas, when relevant, in subsequent class sessions.

Writing instruction must provide students with scaffolded opportunities to use oral conversation about a topic as direct support for their own writing and to use a set of specific strategies for independent writing.

Write about group discussion strategies
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