The movie platoon

You gonna become a rabbi? Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran who also served as the film's technical advisor. Hey, man, what's happening? There must be somebody. You was green as a Shotguns Remington Wingmaster Bunny Kevin Dillon uses a Remington Wingmaster shotgun with open blade sights throughout the film.

Does that mean anything to you, huh? And after that, studios had another excuse not to make Platoon: See Article History Platoon, American war film, released inthat was written and directed by Oliver Stone and was regarded by many critics as one of the best of the movies about the Vietnam War.

The younger man used his characters from the Break screenplay and developed a new screenplay, which he titled The Platoon. Lieutenant's dead, radio man's dead. The man would be alive if he had a few more days to learn something.

The Vietnam war photo that inspired Platoon

Tubbs searches the village with his M79 in hand. You fuck up in a firefight and I goddamn guarantee you a trip out of the bush, in a body bag! Alpha Company had been hit hard by a sizeable force Look, case anything happens to you, you get lost or separated, don't yell out, OK?

Producer Martin Bregman attempted to elicit studio interest in the project, but was not successful.


I hope you don't get that laundry gig. They got two lieutenants and a captain. Can't run it any closer. I'd like to hear about it, potheads. Ask him why these weapons were here. For the first time, Vietnam veterans were seeing their experiences portrayed realistically.

By the time Sheen auditioned again a few years later, he had grown into the role. We're on the way down. There were no showers or toilets, and everyone had to rotate on night watch. Hundreds of 'em - moving this way!

M79 grenade launcher While never seen used in the film, the M79 grenade launcher AKA the "Blooper", is carried by several soldiers in the film, including Tubbs Andrew B. I move faster alone. I got him in the O'Neill death grip. King Keith David carries his M60 while on patrol. A lot of little firefights, ambushes.Platoon is a Vietnam War film written and directed by Oliver Stone, who based his screenplay upon his own experiences as a combat infantryman in both the 1st Cavalry Division and the 25th Infantry Division.

Platoon is not the definitive Vietnam statement that Stone may have intended, or that others are already claiming it to be. But it is a powerful document about that sad war, and a riveting piece of moviemaking. Platoon () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Platoon is a movie starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Willem Dafoe.

Platoon Wars

A young soldier in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man. Platoon is a movie starring Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Willem Dafoe.

A young soldier in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of. Aug 03,  · Platoon - The Death of Sgt. Elias: Chris (Charlie Sheen) and the other soldiers watch helplessly from the helicopter as the wounded Elias (Willem Dafoe) is g.

The Associated Press is publishing a new book ‘Vietnam: The Real War’ in October It, among others, features pictures of the war taken by Art Greenspon who traveled to Vietnam in his 20s to document the fighting.

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The movie platoon
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