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Not to be confused with the electric variety.

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Femforce has a hidden South American city of tall warrior women in The Amazon. Women live separately from men in small groups, and men are used only for the purpose of reproduction.

In the My Little Pony: The book World Without Men published inrevised in under the title Alph by Charles Eric Maine concerns a male Human Popsicle child thawed into a world without men. Here women are pitted against one another.

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Most men are required to regularly attend the so-called Dating Houses, where they get to have sex with any of the women, who go there. See Improbably Female Cast for when the cast is mostly or entirely female without an adequate explanation in the setting.

As a result, she decided to start a vigilante group known as the 'Gulabi Gang' who track down abusers and beat them with bamboo sticks until it is believed that they have repented and victims have been sufficiently avenged.

Its exact location is deliberately vague, but it seems to be on the south coast of modern Turkey. The reason the planet exist is, the women there are bred to have unspoiled reproductive organs for the harvester fleets to claim. Like the rest of the society, Saber was also of the opinion that women should not receive education beyond the bounds of home.

Though Roquiah was not allowed to receive formal education, she learnt both Bangla and English at home with the help of her brothers.

To enter the town of Femille, all of the male characters yes, even Zelgadis need to disguise themselves as women. It is supposedly descended from wives of the Greek heroes who spent twenty years away at The Trojan Warwho on their return decided they had in fact better off without their wayward husbands.

However, the image of women with the mother as a symbol underwent changes over time — from an emphasis on family to the creation of an archetypal mother figure, evoking deep, often atavistic images.

Most of this is accompanied by a degree of female chauvinism that like the real life male equivalent often borders, and crosses into, absolute absurdity. In Harry Harrison 's West of Eden trilogy, the Yilane females control almost every aspect of their society, with emphasis on the political, militaristic, and scientific.

Right to property — Not a Fundamental Right but it is a constitutional right 3. In Ecotopiathe titular society's government is dominated by women.This is a common portrayal of Amazon societies dating back to the original Amazons of Classical Greeks depicted the Amazons as Straw Feminists to "demonstrate" why women should Stay in the Kitchen and not be allowed any power at all.

If there are no males at all, this becomes a One-Gender palmolive2day.comlly, a proper Lady Land will be ruled by a Matriarchy.

Aug 15,  · The fight for Saudi women's rights have been well-documented in the press, especially the high-profile protests women's rights activists launched on the heels of the Arab Spring in hopes to win.

Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat

Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain – Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain was a Muslim feminist and social reformer who dedicated her life to education and the empowerment of women. Hossain, Roquiah Sakhawat () litterateur, educationist, social reformer, played a pioneering role in awakening Muslim women.

She was born on 9 December into a landed family of Pairaband in rangpur. Zahiruddin Abu Ali Haider Saber was her father and Rahatunnesa Chowdhury, her mother. Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain was born into a Bengali Muslim upper-class family in the small village of Pairaband in the district of Rangpur, north of present day Bangladesh, then a part of the colonial British province of Bengal Presidency.

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Rokeya sakhawat hossain
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