Decision making of juries

Group decision-making

The first is "the projection of conflict," or the removal of blame to the outside, away from the immediate family or clan and towards some unseen and distant villain. Of course, this is somewhat akin to the central principle of Marxism and Christianity.

What would you make them try to understand? Later, with the coming of Europeans, they extended similar trade and diplomatic relations to various countries in Europe.

Defense attorneys often find ways to communicate this information at trial, but in most cases jurors decide on the evidence without knowing the punishment. We try to explain how they work and how their purposes and processes differ.

If the body becomes ill, then the spirit Decision making of juries mind also are affected. The Mohawk, on the other hand, are matriarchal and determine their heritage through the female parent.

jury decision making the state of the science psychology and crime

The sanctions of ridicule, avoidance and shame were effective means to check those deviants who fell into behavioural lapses. Now that the U. In his effort to honour those pleading his case, he makes every attempt to agree to their requests, to give answers that please, and not to argue or appear adversarial.

This may include, for example, aggravating circumstances which will be used to elevate the defendant's sentence if the defendant is convicted. Hence, relatives of a person who had stolen very little might find themselves bruised and despoiled.

In this structure, as European observers were quick to notice, there was no law in the European sense, and no specialized apparatus of law enforcement. They then bolster their decision by exaggerating the favorable consequences of the decision and minimizing the importance of unfavorable consequences.

It was convened to examine the delivery and impact of justice services in remote Indian and Inuit communities.

Judge v. Jury

Many lifelong, fluent and highly articulate anglophones and francophones cannot deal with "legalese. This practice was required in all death penalty cases in Blakely v.

Decision making in juries Essay

Such encounters will no doubt also be frustrating for the clinician. So it was no surprise when, in a New Zealand case, a juror told the judge that he'd been bothered by the details, which prompted the judge to at one point send the jury home early.

These differences in worldviews between European-Canadians and Aboriginal people are broad enough and general enough to make most European-Canadian institutions incompatible with the moral and ethical value systems of Aboriginal Canadians.

Of course, this is somewhat akin to the central principle of Marxism and Christianity.

Lesson 6: Making Decisions by Group: The Jury System

Karen Redmond, public information officer with the federal courts in Washington, D. We have described how these laws are interpreted and enforced in our chapter on Aboriginal justice systems.

Anger was considered not only unworthy and unwise, but dangerous as well. Internal, unofficial communication was the process. On the other hand, defense attorneys may be going to juries with weaker cases in the hopes of winning over only one or two jurors.

But don't tell that to a jury in the U. In the event that sides have found problems that may compromise impartiality, the court will have the final say concerning the acceptance or removal of any potential juror. If jury groups come to different decisions, encourage them to politely debate their differences by using the concepts of fairness, impartiality, and bias, along with the text of the Sixth and Seventh Amendments as support.

Although there are a number of court communicators working in our courts, their mandate is "to assist Native Peoples in the development of a better understanding of their rights, interests, privileges, and responsibilities in relation to the criminal justice system.

If you have a choice, I just have a better feeling about 12 people rather than one hearing a case. Once those in attendance understood what was NOT going to take place, there was only one question left: Again, pressure was put on kin groups to enforce good behaviour among their members.juries to convict a Black or Asian defendant more than a White defendant.

patterns of decision-making for White, Black and Asian defendants. But White jurors on.

Lesson 6: Making Decisions by Group: The Jury System

March 11, Susan Reed: I have unique insights into exactly how a reptilian body-snatches a human. He is a combination of a reptilian spirit in control of a human spirit having taken over a human body.

His abduction is described, his remarkable abilities and characteristics, such as advanced mental abilities, his cruelty and fundamental malevolence. Andy Leipold, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law, was researching the right to a jury trial when a statistic involving federal criminal cases jumped out at him.

Some day you might wind up in front of a judge due to a 'hilarious' misunderstanding (or because you had to murder some dudes). If so, there are several things that can tip the scales of justice in your favor that have nothing to do with the law or evidence.

Juror Decision-Making: A Look Inside the Jury Room Yvette Tinsley Abstract there has been limited effort to find out how juries actually work. There is a considerable body of research literature about the jury, but this has largely been.

ABORIGINAL CONCEPTS OF JUSTICE. Introduction Aboriginal People and the Role of the Elders Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples: Two Worldviews The Meaning of Justice.

Decision making of juries
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