Contentment is the bliss of life

They are not energetic in the field of action. At the same time, it must be noted that the 'life' aspect of this 'work-life' concept includes activities devoted to one's personal life which sometimes calls for the kind of commitment and effort no less than that demanded from one's work-life. May your life be filled with only bliss.

And, what is lovely, is that this process enables you to manifest your dreams.


Any attainment of balance is quickly met by rising pain which ends the momentary experience of satisfaction or contentment achieved. The decree of Allah is better for me than Contentment is the bliss of life sight.

Life is what it is. Discover how to create the mindset of bliss. If a person wears a pair of shoes he is richer than 75 percent of the people in the world. Universal social welfare[ edit ] Contentment has also been studied as a cultural or political phenomenon.

Our attention is pulled in so many directions that it becomes weak. For this reason, many societies do not have in place an infrastructure that strongly supports the leisure culture — such as represented by a universal social welfare systema wealth of products, services and amenities for retirees.

What is Bliss?

Because bliss is not an object or a thing, our faculties of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell are not designed to detect it. But leisure also allows people — without the need of any modern gadgets — to re-connect with family and friends and experience the happiness arising from that interaction such as chatting over a drink or meal.

Choosing to be of service by volunteering your time, effort and energy results in the release of endorphins, making you feel gratified and valued. There is nothing in the world which can really bring lasting contentment to the mind because everything in the world, although it provides some happiness to the mind, is not intensive enough to satisfy the great thirst for happiness of the mind.

I shall never forget those few hours. Leisure also Leisure satisfaction [ edit ] The concept of work-life balance is now well-accepted. Laughter has been used as a health therapy [19] for many years such as in some hospitals through the showing of TV comedies for patients.


Consider finding a way to personally experience some aspect of nature, be it taking time for a bike ride, going for a walk or run outdoors, going fishing, or going to your favorite restaurant which has a view of a river or lake.

The apostle Peter said it succinctly: And, when you choose to focus on what feels good, you feel good! Would you live with a feeling of true happiness? This is exactly what the righteous predecessors sought and strived for.

Make us satisfied with Your decree and bless our destiny so that we would not wish to hasten something that You have delayed or delay something that You have hastened. However, beyond a low threshold where the basic needs are met, money has a very small impact on happiness.

Like so many aspects of life, bliss is not readily apparent to our senses.

Tips to Living a Life of Bliss, Peace and Contentment – Finding Inner Peace

Peace at the cost of activity is at the cost of life. Truly be in the moment, listening with your heart and speaking from your heart.

The Unmistakable Freedom of Contentment and How to Find It

The Buddhist faith is based on the belief that he succeeded. Research has shown that when we listen to music of our choice, we release more endorphins and experience greater clarity, less confusion and increased well-being.

Just as pure light is the totality of all color, bliss is the conglomeration of all positive qualities. And you were born with the intuitive wisdom to do whatever is necessary to find your bliss and inner peace.

They are as much work as the work life, and in the midst of all these, the need for leisure activities is simply an alien concept. Happiness or contentment was never viewed as an isolated state from physical health.

Humans' need for leisure is intrinsic because that is the state they were born with, or rather, that is the state of life in the natural world.

What can man do to me? However given that adepts in such complex holistic analysis and treatment are hard to come by, Eastern health maintenance practices may not necessarily be always adequate, reliable or even safe.

Contentment can be broken, turning souls greedy for the temporal world, but True Contentment is never broken and such a soul is eligible for the Supreme State.Contentment (or Sabar or Santokh) is important an aspect in Sikh life and is known as attainment of First Treasure.

Sikhism categorizes Contentment into two forms: Contentment (Santokh) and True Contentment (Satt Santokh/Sabar). Apollon, Susan "Tips to Living a Life of Bliss, Peace and Contentment - Finding Inner Peace." Tips to Living a Life of Bliss, Peace and Contentment - Finding Inner Peace.

What is bliss? It’s a hard question. That isn’t because bliss is vague, inchoate, or unreal, but rather because surpasses the capacity of language. Bliss is so vast, boundless, and immeasurable that it encompasses every possible word or definition ever invented—and then some.

Welcome to Core Bliss Life with Moneeka Sawyer. I define bliss as a state of absolute emotional contentment. It's a place of being in which there is always an underlying feeling of joy, satisfaction, and peace.

It doesn't mean that life doesn't still continue to happen. Things still go wrong. We still get hurt or feel sad, angry, scared, or whatever. Answer: One dictionary defines contentment as “the state of being mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are.” Today it is rare that we find anyone who.

Definition of bliss in English: bliss. noun ‘We laughed of the laughter that only lovers know, the laughter of joy, contentment and relief, the laughter of pure bliss and happiness.’ ‘The Torah teaches us that there is an eternal life, a wholly spiritual life, whose bliss .

Contentment is the bliss of life
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